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    NAS Fallon, NV - Hospital

    The nearest major hospital to Naval Air Station Fallon offering emergency room services is located at the Naval Hospital in Lemoore, California. Surgical services as well as an intensive care unit are offered for military personnel and their families. For day-to-day health care needs at Naval Air Station Fallon, contact the Naval Branch Health Clinic which is located on-post and is a branch of the Naval Hospital, Lemoore, California. The Health Clinic at Naval Air Station Fallon offers laboratory and immunization services as well as x-ray resources. The clinic92s hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 0730-1630 and Friday from 0730-1200. Call the clinic at 877-843-2735 for medical appointments.

    Medical; Branch Medical Clinic:(DSN 890-XXXX)
    OIC/SEL Secretary 775-426-3115/2105
    Fax: 775-426-3133
    Admin LPO 775-426-3106
    Admin PO 775-426-3127
    Clinic LCPO 775-426-2962
    Training LPO 775-426-3161

    Medical Homeport:
    Front Desk 775-426-3125
    Dept. Head 775-426-3112
    Dept. LPO 775-426-3106

    NAWDC Medical Line 775-426-4250
    Front Desk 775-426-3120
    LPO 775-426-3120

    Dept. Head 775-426-4361
    Fax 775-426-3134
    Radiology 775-426-3124
    Laboratory 775-426-3118
    Pharmacy 775-426-3122

    Front Desk 775-426-2811
    Dept. Head 775-426-3164
    Division Officer 775-426-2676
    Dept. LPO 775-426-3161

    Medical Administration:
    Medical Records 775-426-3146
    Fax 775-426-4322
    Referral Management 775-426-3184
    Fax 775-426-3196
    Occupational Health 775-426-3156
    Fax 775-426-4322
    Audiology 775-426-3119
    Health Systems Specialist 775-426-3792
    Tricare/HBA 775-426-3181
    Industrial Hygiene 775-426-3103
    IT 775-426-3158
    Supply 775-426-4584
    Fax 775-426-4581
    SARP 775-426-3139
    Overseas Screening/EFMP 775-426-3792