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    NAS Fallon, NV Local Information

    NAS Fallon is in the area of Fallon, Nevada. Fallon has about 9,000 people, and is in Churchill County, which has a population of about 25,000 people. Other nearby small communities include Fallon Station, Silver Springs, and Fernley.

    It is about 8 miles from downtown Fallon to station; this takes about 15 minutes to commute. The average commute in Fallon and Churchill County is about 15-18 minutes.

    Local Housing Rental Prices:
    The average apartment rent in the Fallon area ranges from $475 to $825 per month, with a median of about $650 per month.

    Local Housing Purchase Prices:
    The average price for a house in Fallon in the last few years was about $105,000, compared to $158,000 for Nevada.

    Short Description of the Area:
    Fallon is a small city in western Nevada. This is one of the more isolated areas in the 48 US states; the nearest town eastward is Austin, 110 miles away; the closest larger cities are Reno, Sparks, and Carson City, all about an hour west. Fallon is at the crossroads of Highway 50 and Highway 95, two highways crossing some of the loneliest stretches of the nation.

    Climate and Weather:
    The area has a dry climate, winter temperatures of the mid-40s to high teens and summer temperatures from the low 90s to mid-50s. The area typically has clear skies or high clouds, and little rain or snow, usually little more than an a half inch per month, with the driest season being late summer. Summers are hot and very dry, but not as hot as southern Nevada, and the winters are cold and dry, with one-half to an inch-and-a-half of snow per month. This area has as much as a 40 degree (F) difference between midday and midnight, and it is always a good idea to have a few layers of clothing available to keep warm or cool.